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Vagabond Ibiza

Vintage 1970s Cotton Patchwork Printed Maxi Skirt

Vintage 1970s Cotton Patchwork Printed Maxi Skirt

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Vintage 1970s Cotton Patchwork Printed Maxi Skirt

Transport yourself to a bygone era with our Vintage 1970s Cotton Patchwork Printed Maxi Skirt, a bohemian masterpiece straight from the free-spirited days of the 70s. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this stunning skirt features a captivating patchwork of vibrant prints that exude retro charm and timeless allure.

The maxi length adds a touch of drama and elegance, perfect for swaying to the rhythm of the music at festivals or adding a whimsical flair to everyday ensembles. Delicate bottom trim and ruffle detailing adorn the hem, lending a romantic and feminine touch to the design.

Size: Small

Closure: Complete with a zipper and button closure detail at the back, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that flatters your silhouette.

Condition: This vintage maxi skirt is in excellent condition, with minor signs of wear that add to its vintage charm. Each patch tells a story, making every skirt a unique and cherished piece of fashion history.

Care Guide:
To preserve the beauty of your vintage maxi skirt:
- Hand wash gently in cold water with a mild detergent to maintain the integrity of the fabric and prints.
- Hang to dry or lay flat to prevent stretching or distortion of the silhouette.
- Handle with care to avoid snagging or tearing the delicate fabric and trim.

Embrace the spirit of the 1970s with our Vintage Cotton Patchwork Printed Maxi Skirt, a timeless treasure that captures the essence of bohemian style and carefree adventure.


*Some items is oversized, loose style. FREE SIZE CAN ALSO WORK WITH MOST SIZE.
*Our product model used in most of our shoots is a size UK 8.

Care Guide

Fashion's future is in our hands.

Get the most use possible out of your vintage clothing by shopping with Vagabond Ibiza . The longer they endure, the less waste is generated. If you follow our basic guidelines, your distinctive clothing will last for future generations. We have several ideas to keep your clothing in the greatest shape.

Cleaning Vintage Clothing
Less can be more. The environment is harmed by frequent, aggressive washing, which also raises energy costs and weakens fabric fibers. 1/4 of the carbon footprint from the garment sector is from consumers washing and drying their clothes, which is easily avoided.

  • To get rid of any stains or dirt, spot-clean or brush your clothing.
  • After washing, always let your clothes air dry completely before putting them back on. You can also quickly steam them to get rid of odors.
  • When washing at 30 degrees, use moderate cycles or gently hand-wash.
  • Pre-1960's vintage should always be hand-washed. Do not wash the fabric if you are concerned that it is too fragile. Embroidered satins and silks should never be washed.
  • If you want to dry clean unique vintage pieces, look for a trustworthy eco-friendly dry cleaner that can take good care of your clothes.

Upkeep of Vintage Clothing

  • Fix, restore, rebuild! Make sure to fix any clothing damage, whether it's a small rip or a bigger hole, as soon as you notice it to prevent it from getting worse.
  • You can cover with material patches, sew, crochet, and more. For incredibly simple changes, consult your community tailor.
  • Lubricate the zipper. To protect old metal zippers from sticking to your clothing, thoroughly lubricate them with graphite pencil, vaseline, or zipper lubrication.

The Best Ways to Store Vintage Clothing

  • Keep your vintage clothing away from direct sunlight in a dry, dust-free location. Delicate fabrics will be harmed by moisture or dampness, and sunlight will deteriorate patterns and colors.
  • Avoid storing vintage clothing in plastic covers and instead store it where it can breathe.
  • Vintage clothing should be hung on wooden hangers or, for maximum protection, padded hangers with fabric covers. Metal hangers may cause stretch marks or rust stains on your clothing.

Vintage Clothes Recycling

  • There are several ways to ensure that certain items in your wardrobe continue to exist if you believe they don't belong there.
  • To sell your items and help stop fashion waste, check out our Beyond Retro Exchange program and Beyond Retro Marketplace.
  • Redesign or upcycle your items by cutting, cropping, reshaping, distressing, and other techniques.
  • Swap: Visit a clothing exchange or donate gently used items to friends and family.
  • Sell: There are several methods to find a second home for clothing, from car boot sales to online sales.
  • Donate: Give your old clothes to thrift stores and recycling facilities so they can be turned into new items or given a second chance as individual pieces.

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