Our Story

Based on humble beginnings in the heart of London, established on Portobello vintage market back in 2009 over time things evolved and In 2016 The idea of a traveling store was born.

Liz headed off in a self converted luton van full of vintage and up-cycled creations for a tour of Europe heading for Ibiza, Vagabond Ibiza has now evolved into one of Europe’s most exclusive, sustainable fashion brands.

Liz Bamfield

Vagabond Ibiza was brought to life by Liz Bamfield, fashion-connoisseur, environment-enthusiast and Ibiza-loving local. After a scope of years working her way through the textile and fashion industries in London, she’d mustered up a deep passion for fabric, textile and design that eventually sent her off on a worldly adventure. 

In amongst her textile-based trajectory, she ventured through India, Morocco, Thailand, Australia and Europe, where she learned myriad techniques and crafts.

 With culture, fashion and the environment held close at heart, she travelled around the globe, sourcing out vintage pieces that ignited the fire within. In beginning to understand the value of supporting small businesses and local communities, she was hit with the concept of creating her very own, bohemian-based fashion brand.
Vintage shop in ibiza

The captivating collections are immersed with bold patterns, embroidery and embellishment that really make a statement. The brand boasts an eclectic mix of cultural influences, sure to empower every woman into feeling like a goddess.

 Each and every piece is entrenched with the environment at heart. Liz hand-picks original vintage items from sustainable sources, and partners with communities around the globe to deliver some of the most unique garments in the market.

 Following fruitful years hitting highlights such as London’s Portobello Market, Brick Lane Market, Spitalfields market and Ibiza’s Puta Arabia Market, Vagabond Ibiza is now a regular at the San Jordi Market in the heart of idyllic Ibiza. The brand is home to contemporary collections, vintage treasures and designs that’ve been birthed out of a historical and cultural melting pot.

Liz's Atelier Sewing Workshop has become a beacon of hope in the fashion industry, proving that sustainable practices and style can seamlessly intertwine. Through their commitment to upcycling and their dedication to creating unique pieces, Liz and her team are not only shaping the future of fashion but also inspiring others to embrace a more conscious way of dressing. So, if you find yourself in Ibiza, make sure to visit Liz's Atelier and experience the magic of sustainable fashion firsthand.