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 Purchasing from Vagabond Ibiza can be done online, as well as in the San Jordi Market on Saturdays. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS!

Ibiza San Jordi 2019

Vintage Shop

Sitting just a short 3km from Ibiza’s city centre, nestled in the Sant Jordi Racecourse, you’ll find us every Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm. 

If you’re searching for the more authentic side of Ibiza, then this is it. Considering the recent boom in Ibiza’s popularity, there’s not many places that have retained their originality. Sant Jordi Market is an authentic flea market where nomads and locals alike come together to sell second-hand goods, vintage finds and inventive products from all over the globe. 

Each week has something new to offer, and you’re guaranteed to score a bargain. Whether you’re after books, records, furniture or clothing , this is easily one of the best flea markets in Ibiza. 

We have Workshop Studio in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, is a sanctuary for creative minds, a place where artistic visions come to life, and a community of individuals united by their love for fashion, jewelry, and art. With its seaside location, shared creative space, and commitment to personalized experiences, the Workshop Studio invites you to step into a world of inspiration and immerse yourself in the magic of artistic expression. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey of creativity, beauty, and connection at the Workshop Studio in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.


WhatsApp : +447766735487 

vintage shop in ibiza

 Vagabond Ibiza is open for private events, pop-up stores, private sales in home or at my studio, editorial loans and rentals too. We additionally offer personalised, home- shopping experiences. For more information on ways to spruce up your next gig, get into contact with us today. 

If you’d like to feature our collection of recycled saris, up-cycled lace and jackets in your boutique, then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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